Re: Soul LO1154

Barry Mallis (
11 May 1995 15:10:21 -0400

Replying to LO1141 --

To Susan Kaplan, regarding Soul LO1141

I agree with you that the language used to describe soul and spirit require
de-mystification. As W.J.J. Gordon of SES Associates in Cambridge, MA,
points out, we have to make "the strange familiar" i.e. find the analog to
convey the message in terms more people than not may understand. And this
unites your thought, Susan, with another thread in this group, that of the
story as a medium for learning.

I like the small phrases at the end of some messages, like ''To know, and
not to act, is to not know". Or, "After enlightenment, the laundry". Or
a quatrain for those who wish to walk on different edges:
"My ego is stubborn, often drunk, impolite.
My loving: finely tuned, sensitive, impatient, confused.
Please take messages from one to the other,
reply and counter-reply."

In my work I have to speak in my organization to people who are doctoral
the same, but the medium altered. What a chance to ponder the efficacy of
the Story, the nuance of language and gesture! Here. A chance for soulful
conversation with myself, replies and counter-replies. And now this group
of strangers on the Net who revolve slowly around the same nexus whose
light of illumination is invisible to the eye.

Barry Mallis