Re: Incentives LO1126

Ketan Lakhani (
Tue, 9 May 95 17:32 EET

Replying to LO1116 --

>As to Systems thinking being a "descriptive science," I believe we can
>distinguish descriptive models (such as Kepler's "laws" which describe
>planetary motion) from structural models which contain a reasonably
>sufficient explanation of how and why (e.g. Newton "proved" Keplers laws,
>needing only the assumption that gravity follows an inverse square law).

Describing the "forces" is still a description - how things happen(and that
level, the "why") are not a true explanation - they don't have "meaning"

>Most Systems Thinking models try to be a structural explanation, not just
>a description of the trends and patterns observed. (Ketan Lakhani)