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Tue, 9 May 1995 09:30 CST

Eleanor Wynn wrote in Soul LO1114:

>Quickly skimming this posting due to the imminence of dinner I can only say
>that in the organization we should back off from soul, and settle for
>"authenticity." More later if interest is shown.

We, as leaders in the learning organization "movement", need to be
operating from well-considered constructs. For me, this means that we
need to have a working sense of such concepts as complexity, wisdom,
compassion, the value of storytelling, doing vs. not-doing and, perhaps
most important of all, soul.

We might not talk about this stuff with our clients, managers, spouses,
etc. Other people don't have the same perspective, so it might be better
to use euphemisms, analogies and words that mean only part of what we're
thinking. But we have to have the conceptual background. So I'd vote to
talk about soul, authenticity, and whatever else seems relevant, as well
as the best ways to communicate with others.

I hope Eleanor had a good dinner.


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