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Doug Seeley (100433.133@compuserve.com)
08 May 95 12:12:03 EDT

Replying to Barry Mallis, LO1070..

"Is it curiosity of SPIRIT that moves some to search the darkness while
fully knowing the "contents" of the light? Here's a 700 year old quatrain
by Rumi:..."

I really love the multi-dimensionality of the participants in this List,
exemplified by Barry's artful application of Rumi's poems....

I believe this multi-dimensionality to be one of the key characteristics
of participants in a learning organization, and identifying ways to
include these aspects of individuals in the organization is important

As an example, of the 4 principals in our own organization, two are Tai
Chi instructors of long standing, and their understandings from this other
realm are allowed to enter the core business..

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