Not-Doing LO1106

Doug Seeley (
08 May 95 12:12:14 EDT

Replying to Tim Sullivan in LO1077...

Tim says...

"On those occasions when I have been able to cease that aimless/avoidant
Doing, when all is still inside, I have been able to BE in a different
way. I don't experience myself as separate from anyone or anything, yet I
can act autonomously, feel automonous and unique and Absolutely
interrelated to everthing/one else. Then my DOING IS BEING and my action
is what is "CALLED FOR", it Appropriate ACTION. This, so far, is a rare
occasion. But, that it has has occured at all, is to me a joyful miracle.
So I wonder where these distinctionswill take this thread... "

I like your description of this Tim... for me, as well in rare but
exeedingly fulfilling moments, the "appropriate action" was for me, the
Totality (and it is difficult for me to say anything else about that
perfection) acting through me, while my authonomy and uniqueness remained
crystal clear. Moreover, in these instances it also seemed that the
totalistic acting (= non-doing) which flowed through me, circulated in a
vast ecological system in a manner which returned me. The process
reinforced itself until I chose to get lost in identity again.

I think that this has a lot of application for working as an agent of the
Learning Organization. The more that these "ecological connections" come
into our workaday awareness, the more the opportunity for non-doing to
occur in alignment with the whole organization. I believe that the
"trick" in all this is to ground the connections in the actions and
relationships which actually occur, rather than depending only on our
mental, and this includes "corporate mental", constructs as the looking
glass to notice all of this.

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