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Mon, 08 May 95 11:16:16 cst

Replying to LO1094, Intro -- Fred Nickols


I have been "lurking" on this list for a long time, and believe that I
must "come out" -- so to speak.

My name is Madhu Beriwal and I am the President of a small, growing
company. Innovative Emergency Management works in the field of
disaster management. We have a number of clients both in the U.S. and
overseas (Russia at present).

We have recently instutituted a policy that allows employees to accrue
(like holidays) Continuing Education (CE) credits. These can be cashed
in for professional developmwnt activities -- likie taking a course,
attendance at professional organization's meetings, or taking a week
off for independent study. Each person must develop a CE Plan together
with their superviors to ensure that some prior thought goes in for
each year. However, this plan is guidance only and can be changed.

Other requirements for learning abound in our other ongoing work
processes. We have been involved in creating a learning organization
and a process-mature organization for a period of time now and have
many scars and a few proud accomplishments in these areas.

More later when time permits.

Madhu Beriwal

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Subject: Intro LO1094 -- Fred Nickols
Author: at CCGATE
Date: 5/7/95 5:24 PM

My name is Fred Nickols and I have a long-standing interest in learning.

Presently, I am deeply involved in an organization-wide self-renewal
effort, a portion of which aims at creating a learning organization. I am
acquainted with Peter Senge's work as well as that of Chris Argyris,
Donald Schon, John Dewey and Herbert Spencer. I have a broad systems
background (hard and soft), as well as considerable experience in the
areas of training, management, consulting, performance, productivity, and
process improvement.

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