Re: Great Chain of Distinctions LO1103

Barry Mallis (
8 May 1995 12:38:53 -0400

Replying to LO1084, John Snyder re: the great chain of distinction.

John, I don't think it's a dual system, but rather a triangle at work in
us. There are esoteric forms of many spiritual movements/religions which
recognize the 3 aspects of the person: the spiritual center, the moving or
physical center, and the intellectual or thinking center. The path in
these movements or religions is continuous, unending, and always in the
direction of the BALANCE among the three centers.

In most all of us, the centers are not in equilibrium in relation to each
other. Or perhaps one of the centers is atrophied. There's nothing
mysterious about that idea, is there!

What irks so many of us bent on defining by words is that we can only
weave like drunkards around an indescribable essence. Now I don't think
the intercourse is in vain. In fact, it is most illuminating, and
instructive, and potentially transforming. Yet the "place" of all the
distinctions--the key link or final link in the Great Chain--is nowhere
ultimately definable. The Hopi Chief said to Jung, sitting in the Kiva
but outside the circle of Elders among whom he could not sit, "Your
problem is that you think with your head. You must think with your
heart." A Persian poet wrote:

Listen, if you can stand to.
Union with the Friend means not being who you've been,
being instead silence: A place: A view
where language is inside seeing.

Thanks for your thoughts, John.

Barry Mallis
MARKEM Corporation
Keene, NH