Intro LO1094 -- Fred Nickols
Sun, 7 May 1995 07:40:51 -0400

My name is Fred Nickols and I have a long-standing interest in learning.

Presently, I am deeply involved in an organization-wide self-renewal
effort, a portion of which aims at creating a learning organization. I am
acquainted with Peter Senge's work as well as that of Chris Argyris,
Donald Schon, John Dewey and Herbert Spencer. I have a broad systems
background (hard and soft), as well as considerable experience in the
areas of training, management, consulting, performance, productivity, and
process improvement.

I am frankly skeptical of notions that smack of anthropomorphizing but I
also recognize the value of shorthand modes of speech and writing so I'm
not as crotchety on this score as I used to be. I am especially
interested in ways and means of embedding learning requirements in an
organization's structure and processes so that an organization's members
have both the opportunity and the requirement to keep their knowledge base
current and relevant. I will no doubt "lurk" for a while, monitoring the
message traffic to see if there is value here for me and how best I might
contribute in return.

Fred Nickols
Executive Director
Educational Testing Service
Princeton, NJ