Re: Implementing a learning repository LO1095

John O'Neill (
Mon, 8 May 95 08:46:04 +1000

Replying to LO1089 --

Rich Holladay asked:

>What are the current candidates for best practices/methods for
>implementing a learning repository, knowledge base, or organizational

>I suppose that, on second thought, I'm really asking "how do I access
>the learning repository that contains the information about the best
>practices for implementing a learning repository?"

George Por answered:

> If you had an easy and convenient access to such a repository, what would
> you ask from it?

> Since 1987 I developed a number of learning repositories and corporate
> knowledge systems, and created a proprietary knowledge base on designing
> and implementing such systems. Let me know how I can help.

I would be interested in hearing how these learning repositories were
developed, what was included, how this knowledge was captured, how this
knowledge was re-used by the organisation for future problem-solving, whether
learning repositories changed the way business processes were executed.

I'd also be interested any references that:
a) guided your work
b) published results of your work


John O'Neill
DSTO C3 Research Centre, Australia