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Are we not "doing" by the perception of "not-doing"? The thought that we
are not doing something is, in essance, doing something. How about the
notion that the awareness of "notdoing" is actually having an impact on
varying levels that translates into doing. You know, it always seems to
get to this power and control issue, doesn't it? Not long as
we consciously not perceived as a kind of control, isn't it? It
is doing not doing.

So, why don't we simply acknowedge the need for the perception, allusion,
illusion of power or control and get on with it.....just do the best we
can with the awareness and let the awareness fuel our ability to use our
capacity to simply "be" with one another......cheers....Myrna

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Replying to Charles Barclay:

>When nothing is done, nothing is left undone, is nonsensical.

It's just a paradox. Understanding the paradox is to see that "doing" has
two meanings.
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