Examples of L-O's

Chas. A. Barclay (BARCLAY@busadm.cba.hawaii.edu)
Sat, 26 Nov 1994 10:06:48 -1000

Keith Cowan asked if there were recorded instances where the CEO did
not buy in first before transition.

Perhaps we should identify which firms are known as a Learning
Organizations and what specifically designates a Learning
Organziation at some point soon.

I for one do not know of any such instances asked by Mr. Cowan nor
do I yet know what parameters of the organization constitute it as a
Learning Organization. To make matters worse, with about 7 years of
implementation, study, research, publication, and consulting on TQM
issues, I cannot firmly state what is a TQM organization and what is
not to my own satisfaction.

Perhaps Mr. Karash could help.

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