System Archetypes, World-Wide Web & Mosaic

Andrew Moreno (
Sun, 27 Nov 1994 19:35:06 -0500 (EST)


Does anyone know of any system archetypes other than the
ones in _The Fifth Discipline_ and the latest issue of
_The Systems Thinker_?

I am curious to know if anyone has thought of how to
explain the explosive growth of Mosaic on the World
Wide Web as a system dynamic/archetype.

Is it a simple reinforcing feedback loop or are there any
balancing loops also? What are they? If they are there, then
why are the growth charts show exponential growth rather
than oscillations.

I am also wondering how Peter Senge correctly anticipated the
rise of the Learning-Organization management trend/fad two
years in advance. Can this be explained in a system dynamic/

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