Re: Strategy Planning via Computer

Sun, 27 Nov 1994 23:06:03 -0600 (CST)

In response to mdarling's question about the reality and territory, a
colleague of mine at Texas A&M University has done a very clever thing. He
has developed a workshop in which the participants construct a computer
model (using cross-impact methodology) of the system they are attempting
to plan. He works mostly with environmental issues. With all the stakeholders
present, the model represents their collective view of reality (their
shared mental model, if you will). The reality of the model is less
important than the fact that everyone buys into it and it therefore becomes
a universe of discourse in which the participants can identify their goals,
develop their strategies, and negotiate their differences. He effectively
throws the model away after the exercise since it has served its purpose,
i.e., bringing people to consensus on divisive issues.

My colleague is Tom Bonnicksen, professor of forestry at Texas A&M. I don't
have e-mail for him, but his telephone number is 409/845-6098. The process
is called EZ-IMPACT. He also has educational versions of this process. If
you are interested, give him a call...

Peter Bishop, Chair
Studies of the Future
University of Houston-Clear Lake

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