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Chas. A. Barclay (
Sun, 20 Nov 1994 17:00:32 -1000

Keith Cowan writes:

> Just so! If we reject approaches that apparently work for lack of scientific
> evidence, we are doomed to reject all of engineering which has proceeded to
> build a world based upon approximations and approaches that work with
> incomplete scientific support. Let's try not to turn L-O into a dogmatic
> scientific debating forum. The fact is that much so called evidence is
> merely convenient assembling of statistics to support an assertion...

Vehemently disagree. Well trained scientists (social or othrwise)
can tell when the statistics are "used" too conveniently. It is
usually clear when the statistics are abused. You simply can't
expect to propose a theory of substance (one that will affect the
world) without substantial evidence AND suspect people that know
better to buy it.

I assert that those who suspect Robbins model of individual behavior
is tainted either know better than the rest who buy it, or perhaps
haven't investigated the Robbins model. Either way, the lack of
supporting evidence should make anyone wary of such a model.

Rather than go out and find evidence to support the model you guys
have attacked the person saying "The emperor has no clothes." You
have purported to discount that person by saying things like, "I
don't like the tone of those messages." Or dismissed the criticism
because Robbins model purports to make sense from your perspective of
common sense. Open your eyes guys. That's not objective nor even-

If something does work it can almost always be modeled. If it can be
modeled and seems to work then someone, somewhere is modeling it
(or soon to be) and collecting data to support or reject the model. I
suspect the scientists who discovered star systems older than the
Universe are either checking their methods for accuracy or feverishly
working on a new model to test. They should be elated by the
discovery of their errors, as you should with yours!

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