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Chas. A. Barclay (
Sun, 20 Nov 1994 17:07:49 -1000

> In this instance, I find your reasons for dismissing Robbins to be
> based on prejudice and not on substance. I will continue to rail
> against such prejudice wherever it presents itself. BTW, this is not

Please point out my bias and prejuidice. Is it really the prejudicue
of someone who requires supporting evidence what irks you about these
posts against Robbins model. Perhaps I've missed my own bias.

If I have a bias towards Robbins it is this:

a. be wary of people who make a lot of money telling you how to live
your life with only their experiences to go by. its too complicated a
subject to be applied in a highly personal manner and too fraught with
the dangers of misapplying or misunderstanding soemone else's
anecdote and trying to apply it to your own situation.

this is the fallacy of composition, or as my sensei called it "Rat's
Head, Ox's Neck."

b. discount anyone who tells you its easy only if you follow what i
do exactly--and pay me for it. I call these people charlatans.

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