Re: The Learning Organization Structure

Denis Cowan (
Sat, 19 Nov 1994 07:42:27 +0000

Charles Hi from Denis. This is one of those few areas of disagreement.

Although you may be correct in what you say , it is only relevant to
people who believe that they have a rational view of the world. To
some of us who view the world from an irrational perspective, proof is
an irrelevancy. It is just another methodology being used to help
individuals come to grips with what is happening in the world.

By the way I do not know who Tony Robbin's is. I have no comment on his
philosophy. In fact i may even disagree with it.


PS in Australian terminology a mild flamer would be called a stirrer.
On Sun, 13 Nov 1994, Chas. A. Barclay wrote:

> Tony Robbins can't be used as useful model of discussion on
> organizations until it has been tested and objective criteria of
> analysis applied to that model. Besides, as was stated, what applies
> to individuals doesn't necessarily apply to organizations.
> Robbins may be entertaining to watch. And everyone of those people
> that speak in testimony towards his training's effectiveness may be
> all valid. But unless an objective researcher(s) measures how well
> it works and on how many of those people use it successfully versus
> other methods then you should be wary of such an individual's models
> as appropriate.
> You simply can't take an untrained individual with a huge financial
> interest in getting people to beleive in his gospel and buy his
> tapes, seminars and books WITHOUT independent validation seriously.
> Come on, he states he's successful because he learned the secrets of
> success and now teaches others how to lose weight, feel good about
> themselves, and be aggressive--and then started selling it to you!
> You might as well buy the psychics recommendations for $3.99 a
> minute.
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