Re: Learning I, II & III, Gregory Bateson, Steps to An Ecolo

Andrew Moreno (
Fri, 18 Nov 94 18:44 EST

Hi Marilyn,

Thanks for the explanation of Learning I, II & III.

Marilyn wrote:

Level 3 Behavior: Teach people how to distinguish between doorknobs and
swinging doors; create new methods for getting people through doors
Learning: Consciously describe discrimination; generate a new set based on
Level 2 rules

You can think of each level as a "territory" of skills and the level above as a
"map" of the skill set below. Therefore, as you move up to the next level, you
have conscious access to the level below and unconscious access to a new set of

I'm curious to know if the ability to determine the "difference that makes
the difference" in the system, the key leverage points, falls under Level

There's a difference between making descriminations and finding the key
leverage points in the system, isn't there? To find the leverage points,
a person would have to descriminate between the descriminations they made
to determine which ones have the most impact.

I wouldn't want to sort through all the different combinations of variables
to find where I could have the most leverage. Is this learning 4?

When I read "The Fifth Discipline", I saw something in Chapter 19 about
a sixth discipline. Where would this fall under? Has anyone thought about
what a sixth discipline would be, other than Mr. Senge? I'm curious to
know what kind of intelligence augmentation tools (Stella, ithink for
systems thinking and dialogue) would be used in a sixth discipline.

Thinking at that level wouldn't be easy at all, would it. I better not
even attempt it till I'm more experienced.