Linking TQM, SPC, and SD models

Bob Klein (vocalyst)
Thu, 3 Nov 1994 16:45:44 -0500

Joe Kilbride wrote:

> My current focus is the interconnections between TQM and SD. While both
> obviously derive from similar underlying assumptions about systems, I hav
> had difficulty making linkages between some of the more visible and widel
> known tools of the two fields, namely SPC (statistical process control)
> charts and SD models.
> Anyone who has figured out the linkages I have been struggling with, pleas
> feel free to unmuddle and enlighten me. Isn't that what the Learning Org
> list is for?

The linkages are really pretty straight forward (IMHO).

Quality Function Deployment (QFD) links the Voice of the Customer (customer
wants and needs are at the center of any valid TQM effort) to internal
metrics a.k.a. performance measures. It is these internal metrics and
performance measures that are plotted on SPC charts. And it is these same
metrics that show up in SD models.

To make another bold statement, if an internal metric isn't related to
customer needs, it isn't worth bothering about from an SPC or SD

For an example of this linkage, take a look at the presentation by Tim
Fredel and Norm Wada at last years November conference in Boston. I know
they are on the program in S.F. this year...perhaps with an update.

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