Intro - R. Zhang

ruidong zhang (
Sat, 5 Nov 1994 01:59:45 -0600 (CST)

Hi, Folks... My name is R. Zhang, a Ph.D. candidate at the
dissertation stage. The area of my interest is how to design or
improve information systems to have the built-in feature of
learning-support. By "learning-support", I don't mean the stuff like
on-line help, system document, or on-line tutorial. It really means
the process of surfacing one's mental models, challenging one's
theories-in-use, or double-loop learning. It is thought that
without the "built-in feature" to make the conscious learning process
become an unconscious one, learning in an organization will be hard to
occur at the whole organizational level. In other worlds, organizational
learning can not be a separate process independant of organizational
realities: structure and management systems.

I would appreciate receiving any comments you have or hearing about any
experiences you have regarding the same or similar issue.


R. Zhang
Dept. of Mgt.
Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln