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Norman Frank (
Fri, 4 Nov 1994 12:13:29 -0500

I think this ties in with this list. It has to do with learning
in ways that are new and can be adapted to anyone or any
organization. Please read on.

Fourth Annual Double-Festival
of Creativity and Accelerated Learning
November 11-13, University of Maryland, College Park
Stamp Student Union Building

I personally attended this "Festival" last year and learned more
in two days than in the entire year about how to think and the
many methods available to help people learn and learn at an
accelerated rate. Accelerated means 10 to 100 times faster than
the typical schoolroom methods, even above the advanced
techniques used in schools.

Cost for Friday evening and all day Saturday and Sunday is $125.

It is called a "double-festival" because there will be
presentations and demonstrations coupled with "dynamic format"
presentation methods that involve the audience for "intense
interaction, participation, and involvement". The Festival will
focus on creative methods to find solutions to problems that have
been bothering us.

First-time attendees should obtain a copy of "Dynamic Format"
prior to the Festival. Send a SASE with postage for 5 oz to the
address below.

Sign up and get a free copy of "Dynamic Format" from:

Win Wenger
Project Renaissance
Box 332
Gaithersburg, MD 20884-0332
Phone: 301-948-1122

A follow-on program, "Beyond Einstein", covers thinking that goes
beyond anything Einstein ever used. No, I haven't attended so
can't give a personal statement.

Sorry for the short notice, but I just received the flyer myself.

Norman C. Frank
MCI Mail:  4573434