Re: Intro - Gray Southon (and me!)

Stephen Wehrenberg (
Sat, 5 Nov 1994 00:21:02 -0500 (EST)

All and Steve: I'm a manpower planner with the US Coast Guard and teach
at George Washington University (strategic planning and human resources
stuff). I've been trying for years, with little success, to figure out
how to build systems that will help generalists learn the technical body
of knowledge in the HR planning world. An organization that turns over
a third of its management every year has lot's of trouble becoming a
"learning organization." I already have SPC and TQM under my belt, and
have recently taken up Forrester and the Systems Thinking crowd )try
SimCity if you haven't!).

Turns out I've been thinking that way all along! How nice it's been to find
others who share this, and from whom I can learn ... in fact, speaking of
iThink and HPS, I'm off to Santa Fe on Sunday to attend a week of HPS
training in the use of iThink ... and if they do a good job, I may attend
their business process reengineering class in December. Oh yeah ... two
days a week I work with a group tasked with developing the initial plan
to "reengineer" the Coast Guard. No fear, though, taxpayers ... THAT one
isn't going anywhere.

Steve ... will I meet you in Santa Fe? Any truth to the rumors that the
course is taught by Yaqui Indian Sorcerers (a la Carlos Casteneda) and
that peyote buttons are in season?


Stephen Wehrenberg, Ph.D.
"Life is a jam session."

On Fri, 4 Nov 1994 wrote:

> Gray,
> I am with High Performance Systems. We make the ithink Systems
> Thinking/Simulation software you may have heard of. Many people in health
> care in the US and UK are using our stuff.
> You may wish to speak with one of our consultants who specializes in health
> care. He's in California:
> Steve De Mello, 510 653 7590
> We distribute through a distributor/consultancy Down Under
> International System Dynamics
> 2 417 6227
> Ask for Mark Heffernin or John McLuckie