Change Management

Hubert Hofmann (
Sat, 5 Nov 1994 11:39:24 +0100

Hello all,

When browsing through the Fall/Winter product catalog of ASQC Quality
Press, I stumbled over the following change management books:

The Change Agent's Handbook: A Survival Guide for Quality Improvement Champions
David W. Hutton

Change Management: A Model for Effective Organizational Performance
Patricia K. Felkins, B.J. Chakiris, Kenneth N. Chakiris

Another book that was mentioned to me is the Change Management Handbook: A
Road Map to Corporate Transformation from Lance A. Berger, Martin J.
Sikora, Dorothy R. Berger.

Does anybody know these books and is will to share his or her opinion? Can
someone refer me to good literature in the area of change management?

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