Computer World Survey

Bob Klein (vocalyst)
Fri, 14 Oct 1994 14:50:18 -0400

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Bob Klein

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I thought list members might be interested in the following results from a
survey conducted by Computerworld magazine. Computerworld is read primarily
by information systems professionals. They surveyed their readership to get
opinions on current management and business trends. The results, based on
290 respondents, were published in the September 19 issue, and an excerpt

>From Computerworld magazine, September 19, 1994, p. 83-84:
Business trends considered the least likely to still be around in five

* Re-engineering
* Virtual companies
* Consensus-style management
* Learning organizations
* Self-managed work teams

Business trends most likely to thrive or survive:

* Electronic commerce
* Telecommuting
* Delighting the customer as employees' top goal
* Information technology for competitive advantage
* Tying pay to individual performance

The article quoted several respondents directly, and it was clear that some
of them were indicating their disapproval of a particular methodology, while
others were only indicating their disgust with the buzzword.