Paper about "Organizational Learning"
Mon, 17 Oct 94 16:40:24 +0100

Dear members of the organizational learning list,

first I would like to introduce myself. My name is Ralf Strauss
and I am working at the university of Freiburg in Germany on my
doctoral thesis. One aspect of my work under the overall topic of
self-organizing organizational structures is also "organizational
learning". In this vein I developed a paper named

"Organizational Learning as a Cycle between Microscopic and Macroscopic Levels
Aspects on a Theoretical Concept and an Empirical Validation "

- Abstract -
Contrary to the recent emphasis upon organizational learning no theory or
model has found widespread acceptance yet. Existing approaches mostly
focus only on a few substantial aspects or variables. This paper clarifies
the different viewpoints on organizational (macroscopic) and individual
(microscopic) learning as a key to sustaining competitive advantages and
integrates the different approaches into a new process-oriented cyclic
approach. An elegant theoretical link between the macroscopic level and
the microscopic level of the learning cycle is presented on the basis of
the master equation approach, focusing on order parameters which determine
the process development. On the basis of this approach a new understanding
of the nonlinear, dynamic, and feedback organizational learning cycles can
be implemented. Resulting out of an empirical investigation, some evidence
for these order parameters is given finally.

If you are interested in this paper you can get a copy in the WWW under

up to this moment you can only get a PostScript-Version - the full text
version will be available during the next coming weeks. If you have any
problems with this PS-version, don't hesitate to send an email to me.

Kind regards,


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