K-12 SD Net

Nan Lux (nlux@MIT.EDU)
Fri, 14 Oct 94 15:20:49

This is my first time to write to an email list that I didn't help create...so
I'm a little nervous. However, I'd like to say "hello" and tell you about
myself (briefly) and describe a K-12 email net I help run.

My name is Nan Lux and I'm the administrative officer for the System Dynamics
Group at MIT working most closely with Prof. John Sterman and Professor Emeritus
Jay Forrester. Our offices are located on the same floor as the Center for
Organizational Learning so I rub shoulders with Vicki Tweiten, Janet Gould,
Peter Senge, George Roth, Dan Kim, Angela Lipinski, Bill Isaacs and so on.

Jay Forrester feels-as do many others-that teaching a person system dynamics in
college is very worth while but a little too late. He has written a number of
papers on why it's good to start SD education in the k-12 years. If you would
like a copy of his most recent paper (June 1994) please email your address.

There are k-12 teachers and administrators all over the U.S. who are using S.D.
in the classroom right now (still a very "new" approach) so we have started up a
small email net which any of you are welcome to join. There are k-12
administrators who are using ideas from such books as The Fifth Discipline to
create a learning organization with their schools or their school districts.
They are on this list, too.

Email me at nlux@mit.edu with your name and mailing address and school or
business. I will add you to the list and send instructions for how to access
the list. It's not a "busy" net by any means. Later this year I will send you
information on a server for the system dynamics community that we are currently
setting up. That server will carry papers, models, publications lists and much