The Scientific and the Soul

Richard Karash (
Mon, 19 Sep 1994 21:57:15 +0059 (EDT)

On Thursday evening October 13th, in Boston, author and scholar Peter
Senge will join with the poet David Whyte and the pianist Michael Jones
to explore:

"Reconciliation of the Scientific and the Soul in
Building Learning Organizations"

This event is sponsored by a group of Organizational Development, Systems
Dynamics and Learning Organization practitioners and is motivated by such
questions as:

1) What are the connections between the scientific and the soulful in
our work and in creative work in general?
2) How do we evoke the presence of both, and how do we maintain
their presence?
3) Finally, if we are able to maintain both, how does our work change?

For tickets ($35 ea, discounts for pairs, Seniors, students & youth) and
info please call Sheryl Erickson 508-278-6603. An audio tape of the event
will be available @ $20. I hope to be able to post some highlights to
this list after the event.

>From my previous experience with the sponsors and the speakers, I can
highly recommend this event.

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