Welcome to learning-org!

Richard Karash (rkarash@world.std.com)
Mon, 19 Sep 1994 21:53:06 +0059 (EDT)

Greetings and welcome! The learning-org list now has roughly 100
subscribers and to date there has been essentially no traffic.

The nature of converstion on this list is up to you, within reasonable
bounds and with reasonable relationship to the overall topic of building
learning organizations.

I suggest:
1) sharing your experiences in working to build learning organizations.
2) questions
3) announcements of events, programs, speeches, etc.
4) offers of information, papers, articles, etc.
5) questions intended to promote discussion

I particularly invite your sharing of experiences and your questions for
discussion. Because of the subject matter, I hope we will not be limited
to the (meekly stated) question --> (authoritative) answer format that
appears in much net traffic.

>From subscribe requests and the publication of info about this list, I
judge that many of you are also subscribers to one or another quality
list; I suggest avoiding cross-posting between learning-org and quality

I have established an ftp site and would be happy to place any files there
that would be relevant to the learning organization community. If you
have anything to offer for ftp, or any other comments on the list, please
email me at


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