Learning Organization Study Group

John Carstensen (jac@cts.com)
Thu, 15 Sep 1994 07:35:40 EDT

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OK OK so you 'guys' don't like Compu$erve...How about this one...I just
found it yesterday...(unless you want to do it here??)

The Learing-org (address is below) is an unmoderated mailing list created by
Rick Karash and Charlie Kiefer. The mailing list is specifically for people
interested in the Learning Organization concepts. It appears to be new (July
94?), there are NO files in the ftp area (yet) and I haven't even seen a
message (yet).

Personnaly, I can see the benefit in the structured study group on CASE
fourm as well as their threaded message structure. I am going to
participate in that study group, but I have also subscribed to the
Learning-org mailing list and I'll post an intro soon.

>From the info on the CASE Forum's study groups it sounds like an
active/effective study group will need 10-12 (min) and will taking up a lot
of space. Here, there, both, all three....whatever. I'm just interested
in the subject and intend to get as much out of it as I can. (It looks like
we have 5-6 interested people here - so far.)

BTW(2) - what is a cc. list?
>>Mike Gurstein <mikeg@nywork2.undp.org>
>>Anyone interested in organizing this just as a cc. list.

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