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Richard, Thought this may interest you

Denis Cowan

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The following text was apparently sent to the QUALITY list some time ago.
However, I seem to have overlooked it until today.
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Based on the apparent interest I officially propose that our next book to
start on October 27 be The Fifth Discipline - The Art & Practice of The
Learning Organization by Peter M. Senge, ISBN 0-385-26096-6. List price
$27.50, but widely available at discount book stores. We will probably spend
8 to 10 weeks reading this book which means it will continue through the end
of the year. The next book after that will be either Quality Software
Management, Vol 3 or Function Point Analysis or the latest Function Point
Counting Rules, or something else. We will settle that in mid November.

What I need now is confirmation of who plans to participate. I'd like to get
at least 12 people to sign up. If you sign up, you have no obligation to
actually participate except that I will be very upset with you if the study
group collapses for lack of messags. <grin>

Who's in?

Rich <<
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I'd be willing to participate in this discussion. I'm reading Senge's book
I do have a few questions. Will the discussion take place through the
QAULITY list separately? How will this discussion be organized? Do you want
the participants to share background information (e.g., interests/activities
related to topic)?
I would appreciate receiving an acknowledgement and, in hope, answers to the
preceding questions from the discussion organizer.
My apologies for sending
this to the whole list. The message from which I extracted the inserted text
gave me no clear indication of whom to contact individually.

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