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Message #7122 - TQM (Internet)
Date: 09-07-94 11:41
From: Tom Glenn
To: Dick Dusharme
Subject: Search for Quality Related BBS
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> I am trying to put together a list of quality-related BBS,
> Internet sites,
> forums, etc for an upcoming issue of Quality Digest magazine.

Dick, John Hunter of the Washington Deming Study Group has prepared a
list. It's available here for download. Filename: ONLINE01.ZIP. I'll quote
some of it below. If you find addtional sources, please post a message to
John here, and he will add your new items.

Bulletin Board Services (BBSs)

TQM.BBS (301) 585-1164 Free BBS not affiliated

Dedicated to the free exchange of information and education in
the principles of Quality. I use this BBS most (so I may be
biased) but find this BBS the most useful by far. It has a
large number of files available for downloading and a number of
active conferences (including 3 internet newsgroups). A good
deal of material based on the philosophy of the late Dr. W.
Edwards Deming.

OPM mainstreet (202) 606-2080 Free BBS Federal Government

This BBS has an area managed by the Federal Quality Institute.
The FQI area has little of interest but has a large number of
users. Also has a mail list area which allows participation in
a number of active internet conferences.

SBA.BBS (800) 697-4636 Free BBS Federal Government

Not much on Quality, but there is some. The 800 number allows
you to call free from anywhere in the USA.

Delight the Customer (517) 797-3351 ? ?

Deals mostly with customer service.


BPR-L Business Process Reengineering

The W. Edwards Deming Forum

Learning Organizations

Begin the text with two lines: info learning-org; end

REGOnet Leave the "Subject:" blank and in
the body of the message write: subscribe REGO-L yourfirstname

REGO-QUAL Creating Quality Leadership and Management

REGO-ORG Transforming Organizational Structures

REGO-DOD Department of Defense

REGO-EOP Executive Office of the President In the body of the message, write:
subscribe REGO-XXX yourfirstname yourlastname: where "XXX" is
QUAL, ORG, DOD, or EOP (taken from the list above). A separate
subscription is required for each mailing list. A welcome
message will be sent in response to each subscription request.

TQM-L Total Quality Management In Higher Education or listserv@ukanvm.bitnet

TQM in Industry (Reese)

TQM (Glenn) to subscribe to write messages to the



Total Quality Bulletin Board (74124,3025)


Please let me know of other on-line resources which allow
access to anyone. Also please tell me of errors or changes you
know of. The intent is to provide a current list of available
resources for quality practitioners. Available as a file (named
ONLINEQ1.ZIP--the number will change as revisions are made) from
the TQM BBS.

John Hunter
Phone: (703)528-6786 extension 6000
Fax: (703)528-6786
2200 Wilson Blvd
Mail Stop 102-268
Arlington, VA 22201
or via TQM.BBS (301) 565-1164