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R-11-5 Translations
up (copper) - out
splash - breast - fell
splash - chin - fell
light - sky
light - finches
light - hemlock
splash - basin
considering - watch
considering - their bodies
considering - vote
r-11-5 summaries
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  R-11-5 Translations

Fig 605. Discrete Translations from Sample R-11-5

The following discrete fragments were found in water molecules taken from the sink of a private residence, in a suburb of Boston, in spring 2018 (file R-11-5 has details). The fragments preceding were identical with the R-11 series (database R-11). As with all other samples reviewed to date, the final three fragments are invariant, except for their order.

For the exact order in which these fragments appeared in each molecule, see the molecular summaries.

Note: These last three patterns are common to samples taken on five continents, regardless of mineral content!


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