ethicomp iv (1)
grant proposal
group A
r-11-5 translations
up (copper) - out
splash - breast - fell
splash - chin - fell
light - sky
light - finches
light - hemlock
splash - basin
considering - watch
considering - their bodies
considering - vote
r-11-5 summaries
ethicomp iv (2)
  considering - watch

<indicator for "long">

all considering
and forwarding

watch always
wholeness, health - <untrans?>
what is alive and growing
what is dead and dying

let our reports
seep into the ground
flow into rivers
that run to the wholeness of ocean
where we may consider
and decide

once we pushed together proteins
and urged them to grow
in so many complex shapes and ways
we cannot be sorry

through these structures of beauty
we adventure ourselves
we expand and grow
and think
and feel
we cannot be sorry

but watch the ones
who are more than partners with us
who multiply
and destroy
they twist and shift the cycles
many of the other partners
have seen this also
partners die faster
than the cycles demand

our vibrations cannot express
the fullness of
such disturbance
without flying apart



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