ethicomp iv (1)
grant proposal
group A
r-11-5 translations
up (copper) - out
splash - breast - fell
splash - chin - fell
light - sky
light - finches
light - hemlock
splash - basin
considering - watch
considering - their bodies
considering - vote
r-11-5 summaries
ethicomp iv (2)
  considering - their bodies

<indicator for "long">

all considering
and forwarding

their bodies
house us, entertain us
they depend on our shape,
our vibration, our flow
for their very lives

we would be sorry
but we could turn against them
what we pushed together
can be pulled apart
they cannot stand without us
as we can flow without them

watch always
wholeness, health - <untrans?>
what is alive and growing
what is dead and dying

let our reports
seep into the ground
flow into rivers
that run to the wholeness of ocean
where we may consider
and decide

some of them feel with us
or do we hope and plan in vain
their tears
but so few
so few

and for every droplet
that flows within them
and thinks and feels
a thousand stories go forth
we will not forget these stories
when they are gone

but if the balance
the whole <untrans?>
is lost
our stories avail us nothing

what we pushed together
can be pulled apart


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