By law, all webby encampments must include links to other ports of call. Here are a few of my favorites. Go ... to ... the ... window.
  • Bugcomix - Steve Lafler's Web tree-fort. Fun animation, comics from the other side of the fence and free pony rides for the kids.
  • donkeyTV - Jeff Roysdon, cartoonist, painter, and master of the Flash-induced seizure, is the man behind the donkeyTV curtain.
  • Troubletown - Lloyd Dangle's house of involuntary mirth and spot-on comic commentary. Wait 30 minutes before swimming.
  • Fleenerwerks - Cartoonist, painter, musician, freelance physicist. Mary Fleener's online cubismo encampment. Everybody dance!
  • ASTROPIMP - Roy "Trailer Trash" Tompkins serves a steaming buffet of adult-flavored fun. Party hats and bibs optional.
  • Phoebe Gloeckner - A gallery of art, articles, and tangents from the way-cool cartoonist/illustrator. Phoebe rules.
  • Doug Allen Comics - The cartoonist of Steven fame has a site that makes us all a little jealous. Eat some paste.
  • Jim Woodring The visionary cartoonist's Web-based dream syndicate. All is exactly and nothing as it seems.
  • Comic Art Collective Original work by original cartoonists. Buy art. Bond with your new family. Pass out pamphlets at the airport.
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