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Cosmic Coverup

When I began this quest, I was confident that I would find answers. What I did find has led to even more questions. A synchronistic sequence of events found me taking another look at the Tree Of Life (TOL). The Tree of Life is a symmetrical pictograph which forms the basis of the cosmology of Jewish mysticism. Despite all the interpretations given by Jewish tradition, and that of other cultures who embrace this symbol, there yet remains an enigmatic mystery. Before I tell you what I found, and reveal what is yet to be discovered, allow me to return to what initiated this quest.

On May 9th 1997 I wrote an essay exploring Oneness versus Separation, because questions regarding the practicality of the Oneness Doctrine kept coming to my attention.

Oneness versus Separation

I shared my essay with people on live chat (Internet Relay Chat), mailing lists, usenet groups, and on my website. The response from several mailing lists was a deafening Silence. I received not one public reply and only two private emails thanking me for sharing a controversial opinion. Nevertheless, on online chat (IRC), I continued to find opportunities to discuss various aspects of the question:

Are we all One, or are we, in reality, Separate??

One day someone on IRC said, "Hey, have you seen the latest Crop Circle?"

Barbury Castle Crop Circle.

Upon viewing the web page photo of this crop circle, my immediate response was, "This is a Hoax!"

Don't misunderstand my thinking when I first thought this crop circle was hoaxed. It does not matter to me, in this instance, if this circle was created by humans, or by whatever unknown agency. No. What I thought, was, that the photograph on the web page was a hoax. I thought that there did not exist an actual crop circle that depicted the Tree Of Life. With that thought, I left the web page, and considered this cerealogical mystery no more.

The following day, Vega-33 mentioned the Kabbalah while we were chatting on IRC. Immediately I suggested that he look at that crop circle web site. Kabbalah is the name of the mystical Jewish religion that studies the Tree of Life pictogram. Vega-33's first reaction was that this circle must be a hoax. We reviewed the web site and became convinced that indeed, at Barbury Castle, in England, there were crops in a field, pressed down in the form of the Tree of Life. Again, I am not in the least interested in how the crop circle was created, nor by whom. If this crop circle is there, then the important question is, what is the significance of it's depiction of the Tree of Life? Vega-33 told me about the Daath.

When Vega-33 viewed the photo of the crop circle, he remarked that it included Daath. Daath is the name for a circle that is customarily NOT drawn on the Tree of Life (TOL). Initially Vega-33 thought that this Daath circle was shown in the crops, but he quickly realized that the photograph was upside down.

Correct orientation of the tree of life

The tree of life is a symmetrical drawing, just as our bodies are symmetrical with mirrored attributes on our left and right sides. The TOL would also be symmetrical as to it's top and bottom, but only if the Daath circle was drawn in.

Upside Down : Daath appears

Vega-33 corrected his mistake, but the occasion of the photographer displaying the crop circle upside down with respect to the proper orientation of the Tree of Life, may have revealed the message intended by the maker(s) of this crop circle.

Log of discussion on IRC with Vega-33.

I propose that the message of this crop circle is not simply for everyone to investigate the meaning of the tree of life. The message is asking humanity to focus on Daath, a specific part of the tree of life. The interpretations of, and the understandings about, Daath, have been curiously neglected within an otherwise plethora of study, over centuries, on all other aspects of this pictograph.

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Cosmic Conspiracy

Have I stumbled onto a Cosmic Conspiracy?

The seed of life and the tree of life superimposed

Do you see something(s) missing?

I am convinced that the "message" of this crop circle is:

"What about Daath?"

The tree of life is a cultural symbol, historically attributed to Jewish mystery religion. I rejected the notion that the author of this crop circle would ask the whole of humanity to pay homage to the religion of a minority ethnic sect. Kabbalah is not mainstream Judaism! However, Kabbalah has been embraced and adopted by non-jewish groups, such as the gnostics and rosicrucians, among many others. Indeed, within recent years Kabbalah has become more popular among a wide range of spiritualist seekers. For these reasons, I sought a more universal approach to the reason that this form was selected for a crop circle.

In the past, crop circles have usually been pressed into unique geometric patterns. I am aware that in at least one instance, a previously known form was shown; the mandelbrot set.

The following quote is from Greg Braden, in his book, "Glyphs in the Crops: Living Codes of Change" (1994):

A Mathematical Constant: order and Chaos Converge

        Possibly one of the most astounding glyphs to appear in recent
        years is that of the Mandelbrot set. Appearing approximately ten
        miles south of Cambridge, England on August 12, 1991 this
        formation was the first that could actually be scientifically
        substantiated by researchers.
The study of chaos theory defines a point expressing the boundary between order and non-order. It may be said that at this point order breaks down into chaos, or conversely, chaos gives way to a higher order ( chaos being a degree of order within itself ). The mathematics to describe this point, known as the Mandelbrot Set, are complex. Until recently, the mathematics were all that we had to reference this energetic boundary. With the development of high- speed computer capabilities, massive computer memory and fractal output, it is now possible to view the Mandelbrot equations graphically. The image portraying the point at which order and chaos converge is shown in Fig. 14 (see graphic below).

Fractal Geometry

The Story of Benoit B. Mandelbrot and the Geometry of Chaos

As Colin Andrews states in his video, "Undeniable Evidence" (4), this is a particularly significant image because it portrays graphically and describes mathematically the precise point that the indigenous people of the world, as well as the ancient texts, indicate that Earth is at in this moment of time; the point in which chaos and order converge. Stated another way, we are experiencing the chaos of old belief systems and obsolete paradigms, giving way to a higher order characterized as peace, cooperation and harmony. In any case, it is the Mandelbrot set that will probably be viewed as a turning point in the study of crop circles, as this pictogram was the first to be recognized universally as the graphic portrayal of a relevant and significant mathematical constant.


The majority of circles has given us messages obscured in geometry and mathematics. Although the TOL is a known jewish symbol, it is also obviously a geometric form. In addition, the location of Barbury Castle was host to a crop circle in 1991, for which a universal correlation has since been found.

This circle was analyzed by geophysicist Greg Braden, in his book, "Glyphs in the Crops: Living Codes of Change" (1994).

In his analysis Braden found that the Barbury Castle crop circle has relevance in the Sacred Geometry Paradigm. Specifically, the crop circle could be overlaid onto the "six days of Genesis" symbol of sacred geometry. Together, both of these symbols "fit pefectly"; that is, that points of interesection on each symbol coincide with one another. In November 1995, I adopted this combined symbol as a logo for my SearchNet WebSite.

Six Days Of Genesis

Crop Circle


Could this tree of life crop circle, pressed at Barbury Castle, also fit into the more universal Sacred Geometry Paradigm? Not only does the tree of life "fit perfectly", but also there is one book in which the combined form has been drawn already! In the book, "Nothing in This Book is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are", by Bob Frissell, the tree of life is overlaid onto the "seed of life". Eureka! The mystery of the message of this crop circle is solved, not in the narrow perspective of Jewish mysticism, but in the universal and broad perspective of Sacred Geometry.

What is the specific message? Please look at the combined form of the tree of life and the seed of life. In an otherwise perfectly symmetrical form, this combination has a glaring omission:


We have now come full circle in our analysis of the message of the tree of life, crop circle. By adhering to the universal nature of the messages of previous crop circles, we have found a perfect match in Sacred Geometry.

An upside down photograph hints at the presence of a circle that is not even there. By it's very absence, the Daath circle challenges us to investigate it's secrets.

Drawing by: Peter Sorensen
Crop Circles of 1997

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Cosmic Cosmology

The Kabbalah is a theology and cosmology that is rich in archetypes and abstract ideas that seek to enrich our understandin of All That Is. The study of the tree of life symbol has been ongoing for more than 1000, and perhaps as many as 2000 years. Among all the various interpretations, runs a common theme. A wealth of information on the tree of life, exists for your research. Here, I will briefly summarize the most common threads.

The Ten Sefirot of the Kabbalah 1995 by Eliezer Segal

Above the topmost circle exists the totality of the Unknowable, called the En Soph. From the void of the En Soph, a single point of Creative Light springs forth. This point of creative potential is represented by the top most circle on the tree of life, and is called Kether. From Kether spring forth two aspects of creative potential. The releasings of creativity depicted on the tree are called "emanations". From Kether emanates Chokmah and Binah. Each of these two circles release emanations according to their attributes.

Each circle on the tree of life is called a Sephirah, ("Sephiroth" is the plural), and represents a state of being. The paths (lines) between the sephiroth transmit energy back and forth, and represent processes by which entities transmute from one state of being to another.

Emanations begin with the Unknowable realm at the top, and emanate down the tree to the bottom circle, Malkuth, which represents our realm of physicality.

The Sefirot The Tree of Life
Qabala for Dummies The Operating System of the Universe

"The first nine sephirot were grouped in threes, each triad including a masculine element, a feminine element, and a combining element. The first three sephirot represented the world of thought; the second, the world of emotions and morals; the third, the world of nature. The tenth sephirah, Malkut, existed alone as the harmony of the other nine."

1. Kether (Crown), also called the Simple Point, because this initial and paramount sephirah was unknown and all-embracing. Kether was known familiar as the Old One, the Ancient of Days (from Daniel 7:9), the White head, or the Long Face.
2. Hochmah (Wisdom) was also known as Aba (Father) and was the masculine outgrowth of the Ancient One.
3. Binah (Understanding or Intelligence), the highest feminine emanation in the order of sephirot, also known as Ima (Mother).
4. Hesed (Kindness) is also called Gedulah (Greatness) and is masculine.
5. Geburah (Power) is also called Din (Justice) and is feminine.
6. Tipheret (Glory or Beauty) is both masculine and feminine because it is a combination of Hesed and Geburah.
7. Netzah (Firmness, Might, Victory) is masculine.
8. Hod (Splendor) is feminine.
9. Yesod (Foundation) combines Netzah and Hod.
10. Malkut (Kingdom) has no special attributes but is a kind of funnel through which the qualities of the upper nine sephirot are transmitted to the physical world. It is therefore also called Shechinah, the Spirit of God."

The Sefirot The Tree of Life

Da'ath: the mysterious knowledge, the great abyss

"Unlike the sephirah which represent states of mind rather than static placements, and the paths of lessons learned to move from one sephirah or concept to another, Da'ath is not represented upon the Qabalah tree. It is placed below the three supernal sephirah - Kether (the crown), Binah (+) and Chokmah (-). The polarities of positive and negative alternate up and down the tree and cause the energies to circulate as the universal input is pulled downward through the tree supernal sephirah to Da'ath. In this void between the higher and the lower the hither to formless energy of the universe takes on material shape by crystallization. Here is the highest point of the human mind: the home of the brainstorm or creative energy that is brought into manifestation on the earthly plain. As the sand passes through the narrow center of the hour glass, so does knowledge incoming from the universe pass into our consciousness in the machinery of Da'ath. Here is the ultimate home of intuitive knowledge from which all concepts stem.

"When working with the tree either to call down the greater knowledge of the superhuman universe and its infinite organization, or to bring our self up the tree from the lower sephirah for spiritual upliftment and higher perspective, all energy must pass through Da'ath on its way into matter or disintegration into the hypertext of the universe. Thus the term mysterious knowledge is given to Da'ath where wisdom (Chokmah) is combined with understanding (Binah) and melded to the material level through the influence of Tiphareth (sixth sephirah: balanced harmony), which pervades one's soul with the concealed light of illumination of consciousness."

The Sefirot The Tree of Life

In this overview, we see that the tree of life attempts to show us a reflection of our reality. From this reflection, certain theologies have been developed, which are designed to teach us right living. In general, these spiritual disciplines establish a singular goal for their adherents, to climb the tree from Malkuth up to Kether.

We are taught to seek union with the Oneness of Kether, by raising our consciousness through initiations at key points on the tree of life. The First initiation point is at Tipheret, where we achieve Christ Consciousness. The next obstacle in our journey to Oneness is to cross the Abyss at Daath. Here we must sacrifice all our illusions of a separate Self, before we can begin to absord the Divine emanations of Chokmah and Binah, or the Mother and Father. Lastly, we achieve the goal of all life, re-union with the One, at Kether.

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Secret of Daath !

The following essay was originally a message which I posted to mailing lists.

This message would be best understood by those who have read the Right
Use of Will Books (RUOW).

Some web references to RUOW:

This is a rough draft of part of an essay that I am working on regarding the most recent crop circle, depicting the Kabbalah Tree of Life, in a field near BarBary castle, England.

If you are not familiar with the symbolic and pictorial representation of the Tree of Life, please see the two web pages above. Here, I will cut to the chase, but in the upcoming essay, the progression from the crop circle's appearance to the question about the 'missing Sephira' will be explained thoroughly. When the Tree of Life is drawn as a geometric figure, there is one CIRCLE or Sephira that is traditionally NOT shown. This circle is called Daath, which means knowledge.

A typical description of Daath is shown below:

Non-Sephira: Daath                 Meaning: Knowledge
-----------                        -------
Daath has no manifest qualities and cannot be invoked directly.

Keywords: hole, tunnel, gateway, doorway, black hole, vortex.


Another description of Daath:


The Hebrew word for knowledge. It is an existing/non-existing 11th
sephirah on the Tree of Life, the "Gateway to the Other World" (and to
the shadow-side of the tree), thence leading to the 22 qliphotic
tunnels and their demonic sentinels. By the same token, it is the same
doorway through which death, non-existence and Hell come into life. 


I set out to investigate why the Daath circle is not drawn in. Why is this sephira being DENIED ???? Essentially, the Tree of Life represents how the creation unfolded from the non-physical at the top of the tree to the physical at the bottom of the tree. A spiritual seeker is to climb the tree by raising his awareness, until he reaches enlightenment in re-union with the One. The first major initiation happens at a central circle in the lower half of the tree, called Tipheret, which, in some kaballah paradigms, stands for the Son of God, or what some would call Christ Consciousness.

The next major initiation occurs when the spiritual aspirant reaches the realm of Daath. Here you are required to sacrifice the last vestiges of your 'self', and your reward is the secret 'knowledge' hidden in Daath, after which you are well on your way to enlightenment.

After my analysis I came to an entirely different conclusion as to what Daath represents. The Daath Sephira is the Right Place, for the Father of Manifestation; FORM.

New Cosmology

Looking at the Tree of Life, the Father of Manifestation would be a central circle, surrounded by the Mother, the Father, and the Son (Heart).

It is the FOM (father of manifestation) who manifests all the attritbutes of the Trinity in creation.

Also, if Daath is FORM, then FORM is a DIVINE emanation in creation, in other words, physicality is not lesser than the other three, Spirit, Will, and Heart, but on equal par in importance to our beingness.

All beings, no matter which dimension in which they express, have some kind of FORM.

Once I felt confident that I solved the riddle of the Tree of Life Crop Circle, I created another question. Why have the mystics assigned to Daath, both the quality of Knowledge _and_ the qualities associated with Lucifer? In some Kabbalistic writings, they even say that Daath represents the tree of knowledge of good and evil. If Daath is actually Divine Manifestation, then what and who is Lucifer, and why was the FOM's place given to Lucifer?

It would seem that we need to know Lucifer's place, in order to restore the FOM (Father of Manifestation or Metatron) to his Right Place; thereby effecting a healing in creation. BTW, the Kaballah also has a kind of Quest within it that is a tradition called 'tikkun' whereby we in the physical can restore the creation, which is thought to be in a fallen state. Of course, honoring the physical, such as our bodies is the primary way to restore the FOM to his Right Place, at Daath.

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Who is Lucifer ?

According to RUOW there are two places, that I remember, where Lucifer's emergence is described or implied. In one, it is said that Lucifer is a 'piece' of God the Father's Light, which broke off. In another, Lucifer just appears on the scene with some archangels, and no one seems to know where (the Hell) he came from. :)

Let's review the first scenario. We had the Father rising in His consciousness. And we had the Mother awakening to Her consciousness, and She had both Heart (the Son) and the Father of Manifestation, within Her. She noticed the Light of the Father, and wanted to _move_ to that Light. The Mother used the power of the Father of Manifestation to make a movement toward the Father's Light.

Meanwhile, the Father was REVELING in the ecstasy of his glorious Mind, when suddenly something 'touched' Him. At that moment, a piece of the Father's Light, His "Pride" in Himself as God, was ANNOYED by this distracting touch, and pushed back on it. This push was the smack at the Mother which murdered Heart BEFORE He was born, and gave the Mother and the FOM their first experience of being DENIED. This Pride-piece broke off from the Father and became Lucifer. Lucifer IS a piece of the Light of the Father.

Since the Father's Light is associated with Mind, intellect and Knowledge, therefore Lucifer is knowledge, which would explain his having dominion over Daath in the mystics' kaballah paradigm. Notice how Lucifer is the First Child Born; even before Heart/Jesus. Also notice that Lucifer is missing THREE parts:


Lucifer is only 25% of what is needed to be a being in this creation! He is ONLY Light-knowledge. This explains why Lucifer is the father of all these Mind-centered religions, dogmas, and doctrines, based on his PRIDE. And this also explains why adherents of these disciplines are typically arrogant, elitist, and intolerant. Lucifer is set up, at Daath, as a veritable BLOCK to reaching the Mother and Father, because so many are deceived into 'thinking' that his light, is the light they are seeking to merge with.

As I shared in a previous essay, the Mother is the negative polarity, the one who opens space in the darkness for manifestating creation.

There is no evil. Evil was created by us to explain why we deny the Mother and her Will polarity, in favor of following Lucifer's RULES. In this manner, Lucifer usurps, BOTH the Right Place of the Mother, _and_ the Right Place of the Father of Manifestation. This leaves us with only the Father's gift of Mind and the Son's gift of Heart. BUT... we cannot birth Heart, and typically do not reach the Father's Mind, due to the SUCKING BLACK HOLE at Daath, where Lucifer's piece of Pride-Light deceives us into a mind-centered, intellectualized-only heart of love, that is not real love at all. Another reason we cannot birth heart-love is that we have denied the emotions of the Mother, which feeling is a component of Heart-Love. Also notice how these religious doctrines typically denigrate both the BODY (FORM) and the EMOTIONS (WILL). Everything falls into place....

Someone here described Lucifer as a vacuum. I submit that lucifer is a vacuum, literally, and he has no choice at all in what he has been doing. Lucifer has only the light from the Father, and his being will naturally seek the other three parts that he is missing. He needs will, to live, and he needs heart and form to be whole. However, as he continually seeks these three aspects of being, he cannot assimilate them into himself, because he has nothing resonant within him, to which to attach them. Therefore Lucifer is literally a sucking vacuum, pulling on all of our DENIED heart, will, and form aspects. Lucifer cannot help that he does this, he is simply trying to survive, since he has no will essence with which to survive (survival chakra is the realm of the will polarity, as are the other lower chakras that the religions have taught us to denigrate and deny). (SHEESH)

To recap, Daath was MEANT to be the emanation of Manifestation in creation. However, now Daath is currently a sucking black hole of DENIAL; all aspects of our being that we refuse to believe is a part of us, is denied into Daath. Lucifer is actually a walking DEATH-being, because he has only light, and not the WILL needed to live... he has been trying to save his own life by seeking his missing three parts. This also explains why Lucifer wants or wanted to take God the Father's place as God, because Lucifer IS God's Pride in himself as God. Also, the religions that teach us to seek enlightenment are actually telling us to UNDO the creation as shown in the tree of life. The tree of life, UNFOLDS from non-physical to physical, where we are to LIVE with all our four parts. Lucifer's teachings, teach us to reject the Body, reject our own will (emotions), and RETURN up the tree to join with the One; but does anyone get past Daath? If they go into the 'light'... whose light is it? The light of the pride of being God... that is the light they go to.

Look carefully, what are we asked to do? To give up our individual self-hood, in order to merge with this light. To give up our wills, form (they preach us to seek the formlessness dont they?), and our hearts, to merge with this (lucifer's) light. These doctrines of The Truth teach us to DENY, DENY, DENY, our own beings, even our MINDS, to go into this light. To go to DEATH. Death of Being... in that light where lucifer grasps at all our parts that we sacrifice to him, but he himself cannot even use them to save his own life, only prolong his state of being death itself.

Because Lucifer was born first, in the manner in which he was, all the beings born after the Mother and Father did come together, have not understood what has happened, and have therefore been passing down their Universal Truths, throughout all the eons. Mind-centered religions. Denial religions. Death delivering religions. Luciferan religions.

Human beings on earth, we have an opportunity to reclaim and honor all of our four parts and teach the other beings about this, and heal the creation. To restore Metatron or the father of manifestation to his right place at Daath. And to restore the Mother to her Right place as the negative polarity, will, emotions, and the one who opens up space in darkness. (Darkness is not evil).

But what about Lucifer?

Its not his fault. He didnt do this on purpose. He is only trying to live, and doing the BEST he can with what he has, which is ONLY knowledge, or Mind. As I considered lucifer's plight, the only solution that I can come up with so far is this:

Ask God the Father to honor and retrieve his Pride in himself as God. There is nothing wrong with being proud of WHO YOU ACTUALLY ARE. (notice how we also have this problem????)

Next, ask the Father, the Mother, Heart (the Son) and the Father of Form, to grant Lucifer his own four pieces, so that Lucifer can be a child of God, like all of us are, with the four parts he needs to be a full-fledged being. That way, Lucifer DOES NOT have to be banished or uncreated, AND he can retain his memories and great intellect, which is still a boon to creation.

I feel in my heart that this solution will bless all involved, and actually STOP the sucking action of Daath, which will make it EASIER for all of us to retrieve those parts of ourselves that we were taught to deny.

Our destiny, as the creation unrolled, was to create the NEXT LEVEL, from the bottom of the tree of life, where you see the physical realm. We are to create the next level after that, utilizing ALL the emanations from the upper levels. I do NOT believe we were meant to UNDO the creation and return back up the tree from whence we came, denying all our gifts along the way to literally annihilate our own beings.

With all my love,

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