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To Table of Contents Introduction

This is the home page for Rickard Parker and Margaret Whelley (Rick and Peg).

Like so many web pages this page is under construction. But the links below should work fine. I am including what I hope to be future links on this page but these should be shown as italized text.

To Table of Contents Rick's Exploring websites.

Rick wanted a website that had real content to it. He may have gone overboard. The Exploring 'The Waste Land' website has over a 1,000 webpages and Google searches for 'The Waste Land' place the site at the top of the search list. A description of these websites is on its own seperate webpage.

To Table of Contents Our hobbies

Stuff we do for fun (excluding web page producing).

To Table of Contents Reviews

Here are reviews of books, movies, web pages and the like.

To Table of Contents For nerds only

The "For Nerds Only" page presents the design of our web pages, tells how they are produced and distributed and explains what people can get out of them. You know, the stuff that only nerds are interested in. There also might be a few goodies thrown in such as links to scripts and such and maybe links to software engineering pages.

Don't bother visiting the Guideposts page which is really intended for search engines to use. The page is there because there are a number of sites out there that I like and want to have other people find too. Rather than just having a page of links though, I have created a web page for each that I call a guidepost. These pages have a better set of keywords for search engines to find. And they find them by following the above link to the Guideposts page.

To Table of Contents Humor

To Table of Contents Travel - stories, hints and links

To Table of Contents Stories and essays

Original works written by Rick, Peg and others. (Our travel stories are kept elsewhere).

To Table of Contents Some of our favorite animals

To Table of Contents Links to friends

If you know us then you may know these other people. Careful, the first few links are not what they may appear to be.

To Table of Contents Free services available on the Web

These links will provide you with really useful information gratis.

To Table of Contents Recommended links

Alright, we have to do this too. Here are some links to some sites that we found impressive.

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