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1921 Martin style B mandolin Also spelled mandolin. A musical instrument of the lute family played by plucking with a plectrum (pick.) The best known varieties have four pairs of wire strings. The mandolin is played chiefly in folk music but also is sometimes heard in orchestras.

John McGann has some sample mandolin audio files at his website. I've linked to his "Upslide Reels Melody" MP3 file to allow you to listen to a mandolin if you wish.

The photograph of the 1921 Martin style B mandolin is used with permission from Charles Johnson at www.vintagemandolin.com.

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L 266 - Vintage Mandolins
Seller of older mandolins.
L 267 - John McGann
The homepage for this musician's website.
L 268 - 'Upslide Reels Medley'
A MP3 audio file (4832 KB) containing John McGann's mandolin rendition of 'Upslide Reels Medley' from his CD 'Upslide.'

Exploring The Waste Land
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