Hints for using the external links

At the bottom of many pages at this site you will see a list of External Links for one or both of "Topics" and "Links". If you select one of the links listed a new page will be displayed in the AUXILARY window, a different window from where most of the pages are displayed. The display is slightly different for "Topics" than it is for "Links".

If you pick a topic then a list of links is displayed in the AUXILARY window. If you then pick one of the links on that page the selected webpage will be displayed in that same window.
If you pick a link then that page is displayed in the AUXILARY window.

Each of the links for "Topics" and "Links" is given a number starting either with a "T" (for "Topic") or an "L" (for "Link"). The reason for the number is so, as the reader explores this web site and runs into links that he wishes to explore at a later time he can write the short number down and then go to the Topics or Links pages afterwards to checkout his selection (instead of immediately visiting the link as he finds them or writing out the full name of the topic, link title or URL.) There are corresponding pages (numbered identically) at the unframed portion of the site also.