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Silk hat
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Silk hat The image at the left is a depiction of Jiggs, the hero of the long running comic strip Bringing Up Father. Like the Bradford millionaires of The Waste Land, Jiggs was also nouveaux riche. He was bricklayer who won the Irish Sweepstakes. It was his wife Maggie, a washerwoman, who used this opportunity to attempt social climbing. Jiggs, to keep his wife happy, would dress up with his silk hat and spats but he would also sneak off to visit his old friends at the bar Dinty Moores, much to the annoyance of his wife.

Bringing Up Father had a long run, from 1913 to the very late 1990s.

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L 198 - Bringing Up Father: The Illustrative Style of George McManus
Describes and shows the elegant illustrative style of the early "Bringing Up Father" comic strips.
L 199 - Don Markstein's Cartoonopedia: Bringing Up Father
Describes the long-running "Bringing Up Father" comic strip.
L 251 - The Clothes of a Gentleman
A chapter from Emily Post's 1922 book Etiquette. It covers silk hats, white flannel trousers, cuffs, spats and much more.

Exploring The Waste Land
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