Exploring The Waste Land
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In the draft of The Waste Land

Ezra Pound persuaded Eliot to remove the first 54 lines of The Burial of the Dead (these can be seen by using the extrnal link below.)

In the draft the first line of The Waste Land was "First we had a couple of feelers down at Tom's place." Then Eliot described (though a narrator) a night of mischief by some young men. The location was likely Boston and Cambridge in Massachusetts and the men likely were attending Harvard (as Eliot had). There are many mentions of popular songs in this deleted section, introducing this theme used throughout The Waste Land. At the end of this section the men take a cab but there is eventually a foot race involving the cab driver and one of the young men. In the last line the narrator says "So I got out to see the sunrise, and walked home." (This section can be seen at another website by using the external link below.)

Note that in the published version of The Waste Land we have locations in Europe, Africa and Asia. In this section and the deleted section of Part IV we have North American locales. The only remnant of this locale is the mention of the hermit-thrush, a North American bird. See the hermit-trush references on line 356 of the poem and in Eliot's hermit-thrush note.

Citation:  "The Facsimile"   pp. 4-5

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L 255 - First we had a couple of feelers down at Tom's place.
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Exploring The Waste Land
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