Exploring The Waste Land
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Part I
Line 12

Bin gar keine Russin, stamm' aus Litauen, echt deutsch.
I'm not Russian at all, I come from Lithuania, a true German.

In "The Facsimile" (pp. 125-126) we see that Eliot claimed to have met Marie, Countess Larisch (see Miscellanea page for line 15 ) As this historical Marie was born into the Wittelsbach royal house of Bavaria, far from Lithuania, it doesn't appear to me that this line is an actual quote from a conversation with Marie and may have come from somewhere else. Southam suggests that this quote may have been derived from the novel Tarr by Wyndham Lewis, a friend of Eliot's. In the novel, Fralien Vasek states that she is "a Russian, I'm thoroughly Russian."

Eliot reviewed Lewis' Tarr in the September 1918 issue of The Egoist.

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Exploring The Waste Land
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