Exploring The Waste Land
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Eliot on F.H. Bradley
Line 411

Eliot's note to line 411 mentions Appearance and Reality (1893) by F[rancis] H[erbert] Bradley, the British philosopher (1846-1924.)

While in England Eliot wrote his Ph.D. dissertation for Harvard on Bradley (1916). He did not formally defend his dissertation as he was leery of making the Atlantic crossing because of German submarine activity. The dissertation was finally published under the name of Knowledge and Experience in the Philosophy of F.H. Bradley (London: Faber, 1964)

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T 14 - Bradley, F. H.


L 73 - Encoded version of Bradley's Appearance and Reality
A 382 kb zip file containing a DOS program that allows you to read the (encoded) text of the second edition of Appearance and Reality
L 72 - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy has an sizable entry for F.H. Bradley.

Exploring The Waste Land
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