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The Burial of the Dead

The Burial of the Dead is one of the rites of the Church of England. At the time that Eliot was writing The Waste Land he was searching for a religion to call his own. Although brought up a protestant in the United States (his father's father was a minister) he was even thinking of becoming a Buddhist at that time. He eventually joined the Church of England.

The Burial of the Dead is part of the Church of England's Book of Common Prayer. The Exploring The Waste Land site has an portion of the Anglican Book of Common Prayer that deals with The Burial of the Dead. As I understand, the Anglican church is for the most part an American version of the Church of England. The rites in the two Books of Common Prayer are thus probably very similar.

The page containing the Anglican Burial of the Dead rites that I have is somewhat large (about 50Kb) and the format leaves much to be desired. It is a wrapping of a text file using a HTML <PRE> tag.

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