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Scope. Baseball by Deadball Era Committee members and selected Deadball Era baseball by others.

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Marty Adler [Plainview NY]

  • Brooklyn Dodgers Hall of Fame - "for all practical purposes [the 50th anniversary of 1955] will be the last major celebration we will have for the Dodgers"

    Mark Armour [Corvallis OR] and Dan Levitt [Minneapolis MN]

  • Paths to Glory - devoted to the book Armour & Levitt, Paths to Glory (Brassey's, 2003)
  • including: Mark Armour's Writings
    Paths to Glory is "principally the stories of 13 teams from the past, mainly successful teams, focusing on how they were built." Two Deadball Era teams are featured: the 1915 Philadelphia Phillies and 1917 Chicago White Sox. -ma

    Gene Carney [Utica NY]

  • Notes From the Shadows of Cooperstown, by Two-Finger Carney - a variety column since 1993, also available by email. The author's ongoing research on the Black Sox scandal has been a major theme in the 21st century.

    David Cicotello and Angelo Louisa [Omaha NE]

  • Forbes Field Forever - memorial images and recollections; contributions solicited
    "To commemorate the beginning of a new era at PNC Park, two lifelong Pirate fans have decided to pay homage to its classic ballpark original: Forbes Field."

    Scott Cowan [Edmonds WA]
    Owner-administrator, deadball egroup, Deadball Era Committee, SABR

  • Vintage Cardboard - showcase for vintage Baseball cards and collectibles; emphasis on teams and players from the pre-WWI Major Leagues and from West Coast minor leagues

    Eric Enders [Cooperstown NY]

  • The Game of Ball - "an anthology of baseball writing" by Eric Enders
  • example: Opening Day 1900 (2000)
  • example: Nap Lajoie (2001)

    James Floto [Kihei HI]
    Editor, The Diamond Angle, a general baseball website and a quarterly print publication

  • example: "Deadball" Era Ends by James Floto
  • list of other Deadball Era articles published by TDA

    Rex Hamman [Andover MN]
    Editor, American Association Almanac - the 1902-1952 American Association

    Dan Holmes [Cooperstown NY]
    Web Manager, National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum

  • The Baseball Page, established 1995 - player pages, on this date, and more

    R.J. Lesch [Des Moines IA]

  • Baseball at Wikipedia
    Wikipedia is an international public-domain encyclopedia created by volunteers, which solicits contributions. R.J. Lesch is one collective author of "Baseball" and many of its subpages, with a personal To Do list.

    Dan Levitt [Minneapolis MN] and Mark Armour [Corvallis OR]

  • Paths to Glory ( see armour, above )
  • including: Dan Levitt's Writings

    Angelo Louisa and David Cicotello [Omaha NE]

  • Forbes Field Forever ( see cicotello, above )

    David Marasco [Evanston IL]
    Webmaster, The Diamond Angle (editor, James Floto above)

  • example: John McGraw and the Negro Leagues
  • example: Training in Mexico - the world champion Chicago White Sox, spring 1907
  • list of other Deadball Era articles published by TDA

    Steven Mark [Wollaston MA]

  • The Federal League - the third Major League, 1914-1915
    With daily standings and more, 88-89 years ago today, beginning April 2003

    David Nemec [San Francisco CA]

  • David Nemec Books - all the books by David Nemec as sole author: history, stats, stories, trivia, rules, fiction

    David Nevard [Waltham MA]
    The Buffalo Head Society (1985-2002; Norman Neu, publisher)

  • example: A Tribute to the American League (2000)
  • example: Ted "Parson" Lewis (date?)
  • example: Wahooism Revisited: Louis Sockalexis - Sock and the Cleveland "Indians" nickname (1999)

    David Southwick [South Boston MA]

  • Old-Time Boston Baseball & World Series News - re-presents 1901-1919 Boston Red Sox and World Series game stories, articles from Baseball Magazine, and reports by Boston correspondents of The Sporting News
  • examples: 1903 World Series, Game One in the Boston Globe and the New York Times

    Steve Steinberg [Seattle WA]

  • example: "Baseball History" features the spitball and the spitball pitchers; with photos, audio, and reprints of contemporary articles

    Stew Thornley [Minneapolis MN]
    Stew Thornley

  • example: Baseball Hall of Fame Gravesites
    Stew provides cemetery and gravesite locations more complete than those at Find-a-Grave, but without blurbs or photos and limited to Hall of Fame members. He has now visited all 182 sites; ten deceased HOFers are not interred (May 2002). Of course, Stew's work is "all done" only temporarily.

    Adam Ulrey [Springfield OR]

  • The Diamond Angle - Adam is one writer for this general baseball site edited by James Floto (above)

    Paul Wendt [Watertown MA]
    Maintainer, Deadball Era Resources (including this page)

  • baseball on the web, by Paul Wendt is listed at the foot of the page

    Allan Wood [New York NY]

  • 1918 Red Sox - including the book 1918: Babe Ruth and the World Champion Boston Red Sox

    Mark Zeigler [Thurmont MD] - new, Apr 2005

  • Class D, Blue Ridge League: 1915-1918, 1920-1930) - the book Boys of the Blue Ridge - The Early Years, 1915-1918 is forthcoming 2005


    Projects by maintainer Paul Wendt, related to the Deadball Era:
  • Hall of Fame "Veteran" Nominees, 2002 ( 200 players and 60 contributors nominated by the BBWAA )
  • Total Baseball editions - "Tables of Contents" (a wreck) and "Stats in the Registers" (finished)
  • Historical Societies and Fan Clubs for Teams that Left Town ( the six Deadball Era clubs )
  • Baseballist Gravesites in New England - including all HOF members, several others
    Who's in Center? including:
  • centerfield: NL team by team, Deadball Era
  • centerfield: AL team by team, Deadball Era
    American League, 1900
  • regular players, AL1900

    Paul Wendt also maintains 19th Century Resources and The Boston Chapter, SABR.

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    Paul Wendt
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