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   JET Thermal Products:  PHUSORElectrode Metamaterial Technology

PHUSOR™ Electrode

This figure demonstrates an important finding of this system - asymmetric electrolysis which is seen on only one side of the cathode (which is facing the anode).  In this high voltage system (~1500 volts), videos (including those shown at ICCF-10 by Dr. Mitchell Swartz, of which the above figure is a single frame grab) have demonstrated that cathodic electrolysis bubbling occurs, if the conditions are appropriate, almost solely on the anode-side (left hand portion of the spiral wound cathode in the photo) of this PHUSOR™ electrode.

       As shown above, the JET PHUSOR™ electrode system is different from others in the field.  The figure also heralds the forced movement of the loaded deuterons through the loaded metal.  This creates a deuteron current through the palladium electrode

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