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             JET Energy's Goal is:  CLEAN  ENERGY PRODUCTION       

 It 's an important and universal term we hear everyday.  That is because clean, high efficiency energy production is very important today, and critical in the foreseeable future, from whatever source.  The world depends on century old processes to supply power at the cost of pollution, trade imbalance, and economic upheaval.  As if those direct energy costs are not enough, indirectly, energy affects us through water purity, continually increasing residential and transport costs, and global politics. 

The result is that everyone wants a better source of energy.   We all want to find better sources of energy, make them more efficient, and increase their output.  It will not be easy.  Government assistance will continue to be minimal. Worse, there is foreknowledge, now, that petroleum replacement fuels will not be available at previous prices. For civilization to survive, we require new, alternative sources of energy.

In the past, energy production had its risks, from the industrial revolution  to the current issues involving global warming, carbon dioxide greenhouse effects, nitric oxide and sulfur dioxide as pollutants. Nuclear, wind, hydroelectric and photovoltaic energy will likely supplement part of the picture, but each has limitations due to radioactive products and irregular supplies of driving forces.  Geothermal energy is inadequate for all but a few localized situations. Hot fusion has a long history of failure and expense and is unlikely to be developed to the point of commercial viability in the next century.    What is the Earth to do?  


No  one can dispute that energy is a major part of our healthy future as is the need for critical thinking and openness.   

Therefore, additional sources of energy are urgently needed, and worldwide, the fast-paced race is on for a clean energy source.  So at JET Energy, Inc. we have been spending our energy and time exploring, researching and developing newer, more efficient, cleaner and cheaper ways of energy production, energy efficiency, and energy cleanliness.  The result is a 'game changer'.  That answer is the development of quantum optical electronic components using lattice assisted nuclear reactions [LANR].  These have the ability to generate unlimited amounts of energy from water. It's  cheap and  clean -- without any environmentally destructive products. It is a new and challenging technology that offers much hope.


JET Energy, Inc.

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