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> I'm attempting to create a scorecard of various quality indicators
> centered around our organizational culture.

I've been developing an innovation audit over the past two years with
clients and my students. These are some of the measures that my client
corporations typically use:

> I want to measure (1) employee turnover,

standard measure of turnover per dept/year

>(2) employee morale,

rating or qualitative measure from questionnaire

>(3) employee recognition,

recognition for what ?

>(4) employee volunteerism/suggestions,

a) # suggestions per employee per year

b) # implemented suggestions per employee per year

and c) success ratio a/b

track rise or fall year to year

N.B. Typical North American results for a) # suggestions per employee per
year: 0-10%

Leading edge companies for a) # suggestions per employee per
year: 90 % - 2,500 %

>(5) quality of the workspace,

qualitative measures /rating from questionnaire

>and (6) the consistent use of continuous improvement tools.

count them...# new products/existing product improvements or process
improvements developed and implemented using your CI tools vs # random
ideas for new products or process improvements developed from your
suggestion box

>I'd very much appreciate it if anyone out there can point me in the right

Our audit is much more specific...we help clients develop measures for
such core and enabling areas as: innovation/idea diffusion, product
innovation, product development, process innovation, technology
acquisition, degree of customer/market focus, leadership, individual
creativity, resourcing, use of systems and tools and

ie for resourcing you might look at 4 measures:
# of personnel in product development and technical functions who have
worked in more than one function

# of personnel trained in thinking skills

percent of projects delayed, cancelled due to lack of human resources

percent of projects delayed, cancelled due to lack of funding

If you have a specific question please call me during business hours at
(416) 588-1122 in Toronto.


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