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Duane Henderson (duane.henderson@casc.af.mil)
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 12:20:20 -0800

Replying to LO13014 --

I have been lurking for about a year and decided to jump in.

Recently Mark Van Buren was looking for examples of work being done around
learning organizations in the armed services.

I just finished reading a book entitled: "Hope is Not a Method; What
Business Leaders Can Learn From Todays Army" by Gordon Sullivan, Former
Army Chief of Staff.

The book outlines the history of todays post Vietnam Army. It includes
examples and frank discussion about problems the army encountered after
Vietnam and changes in the Army mission after the Cold War.

Based on my experience in the Army from 1974 - 1977 and as a civilan
employee of the Air Force for 20 years this book outlines how the armed
services can learn to change, evolve and grow. Proving that Learning
Organizations are absolutely necessary.


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