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What does this have to do with real life? Great and important question.
While not a philsopher of science, I think I understand this much. That
there is a distinction between the object and the object observed. What I
mean is that I may look at a red apple, and it is in reality a red apple.
But if I have color blindness, then the red apple looks green.

The application of this thought is that I always approach reality in a
humble, open frame of mind, not judgemental or prejudicial. That openness
assumes that I am apply mental models which I have developed throughout my
life to the reality object in front of me. I believe there is a reality
apart from my knowing. And that it is complex and multidimensional. We
look at people and make snap judgements about them, then find out that
under the skin they are very different. The reality is contrary to my own
construct of reality.

Today I had an intense conversation with a young minister about the nature
of truth. He holds to a belief that there is a true truth which his faith
has identified in the Bible. What was difficult for him to understand was
that there is a difference between an objective truth or reality which is
there whether I believe in it or perceive it or not, and my perception of
truth. It was difficult for him to accept his own assumptions cloud his
perception of truth or reality, even change that reality. We are all
subjective practitioners of objective science. If I remember correctly,
Michael Polyani has a lot to say on this.

To close, I find the topic of reality a fascinating one, because it seems
that it ultimately comes down to who is in control of reality or its
designation as reality. That is why the issue of free speech is such an
important one in a highly technological world. We or whoever are the
powers that be want to dictate the terms of life or truth or reality,
ultimately becoming the author of reality. That is a closed loop system
or trap which produces the kind of moral blindness or inadvertant failures
which could have been avoid if a more open, humble awareness was

I hope this has been helpful.

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