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Wed, 26 Mar 1997 20:32:55 -0500 (EST)

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On Mon, 24 Mar 1997, thomas petzinger wrote:

> Kent Myers made the following astute comment about pinball, once a passion
> of mine:
> "Every time you try something new you will get lower scores for a while,
> then eventually better scores if you keep at it. Playing pinball well may
> look easy, but it isn't, and it doesn't come naturally."
> This reminds me of skiing with my pre-teen daughter. She will come in
> after a day on the slopes and proudly declare, "I didn't fall once today!"
> To which I tell her, "Then you didn't improve!"


With my tongue firmly lodged in my cheek, what happens when your daughter
comes home with the family car, and says, "I didn't get a single scratch
on the car, Dad." Will you then say, "Then you didn't improve."?

I think the important thing in what you say is that it is important to
test our limits. We will sometimes fall, but will also know what our
capabilities and capacities are. And it is important that we have people
who are there to help us work through those failures or mistakes to be
able to genuinely learn. I hope you and your daughter have plenty of
opportunties to learn from each other.

Ed Brenegar


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